Ixora Rocket Free Download

Hey Guys! Thanks for making it here! You've reached the begining of my yellow brick road. From here, you can download the Album in either its radio version (shorter tracks, not as loud, your choice of MP3 or WAV) or club version (its... yeah... loud n long WAVs, like, i'll be honest, if your not gonna DJ this stuff, just get the radio version.) You can always get both... it is free, so I guess your not really losing out either way. If you end up wanting to support it, feel free to get a copy from itunes or beatport from below or just mail me some spare change. That always makes the mailman's day. 

Thanks Guys! :)

Ixora Rocket Radio Version:

WAV Download

MP3 Download

Ixora Rocket Club Version:

WAV Download

Or if you are feeling awesome...

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